Smile Train

Thank You From Smile Train!

Dear Roger, I am delighted to acknowledge your $175.00 gift to Smile Train and your generous support of our mission and vision that every child born with a cleft - anywhere in the world - has the opportunity to live a full, productive life. Smile Train has grown to become the world’s largest cleft charity because of the support we receive from donors like you, enabling us to provide a life-changing surgery once every five minutes. Friends like you are truly changing the world for the boys and girls whose families are too poor to afford lifesaving and life-changing surgical cleft repair. Thanks to you, these children are receiving new smiles and second chances at life. We wish you could be there to see the children smile for the first time in their lives, as it would warm your heart and reaffirm the importance of reaching out to children. Instead, we will send you a photo in a few months of a child who was helped by your generosity so you can see the permanent difference you've made in his or her life. 

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